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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Make cooking a pleasurable experience with these helpful tips.

Buy your favorite foods, or opt to try something new and exciting for variety.When you're ready to cook your food, set out all your ingredients according to your recipe and the necessary equipment. Some food may require thawing. Being well organized in advance of cooking reduces the stress and the possibility that you may be missing an ingredient or make the mistake of not having the right equipment. Cook the food according to directions, and don't forget to add any other ingredients for taste. If you've cooked a long time, you'll know if you can get away with varying measurements in a recipe; if not - follow them religiously! Set the table, and if you want, dress it up! Use a fancy tablecloth, placemats, napkins with holders, etc. If you're cookin' Asian then cook Asian: Depending on what kind of cuisine you're having, set the table according to the country it's from; don't forget the chopsticks, and learn to speak some of the language for added authenticity.Take the time to smell your food and 'taste' it with your nose. Some people swear that food should be cooked with love and good intention; if not, it'll taste bad in the mouths of the diners. So, cook with heart. Sit down and enjoy!If you like, eat the food the way it's supposed to be eaten, e.g with chopsticks, fingers, outdoors, seated on the floor, etc.

It helps to have some helpers in the kitchen. So long as no one gets scalded or poisons the food through germy hands. Try something you've never cooked.When you're trying new recipes, USE THE EXACT INGREDIENTS!! If sushi calls for sushi rice, use sushi rice! Perfect your cooking technique through practice. Be diligent. Men and women love good cooks, and often enjoy the food more if their loved ones cook for them. Invite a friend or neighbor over. Eating a well cooked meal is always more enjoyable in good company.

Don't eat too much. Don't argue at the table. This will upset you and others and may lead to loss of appetite. Don't eat the food if it looks absolutely disgusting, or spoiled, and burned. Burned food is absolutely a no-no; it has been posited that the burned black parts may cause cancer. If it didn't work out, toss it and get take-out. Start again tomorrow.

* Your ingredients
* Someone to eat with, like your family, friend(s), your boyfriend/girlfriend ... etc
* A good stove
* Pots, pans, the right utensils
* Plates, spoons, forks, knives, glasses, napkins...
* Something to wash your meal down with, like juice, water, soda, or a nice bottle of champagne; whatever suits you is nice


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