How to Make Seafood Sauce

Monday, October 19, 2009

Seafood sauce adds a tangy zip to shrimp, but other fish taste better with a less tangy sauce. Tartar sauce is usually served with most fried fish, and is equally easy to make at home.

Make cocktail sauce by combing 2 cups of Heinz Ketchup, with 5-10 tsp of regular horseradish. Add a dash or two of Tabasco sauce to make the sauce spicy. or use hot horseradish or cayenne pepper. Mix up some tartar sauce by combining mayonasse, and sweet pickle relish. Mix to taste. Serve on the side with broiled or fried flounder,or any other type of fish.

Present the cocktail sauce in the center of a shrimp ring or on a dish with alternating shrimp and crab strips. Sauce be placed in a clean jar and stored in the fridge for up to a month. Prepare just enough cocktail sauce for one time use, mix ketchup,red horseradish, salt, pepper, and fresh lemon juice to taste. Add spice as desired.

Things You'll Need

* 2 Cups Ketchup
* 5-10 tsp of Horseradish
* Tabasco Sauce or cayenne pepper (optional)
* Garnish (optional)
* Mayonasse
* Sweet Pickle Relish


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