Appreciate Eating Yogurt

Friday, April 3, 2009

Yogurt is extremely nutritious, and can be tolerated by some individuals who are lactose-intolerant. It kills the bacteria in the body caused by many infections, and it's a natural product, easy to eat, creamy in texture, and comes in many different flavors. Frozen yogurt is a lower caloric substitute for ice cream.

Recognize that yogurt comes in many different flavors, shapes and sizes. Buy it in individual portions, or large tubs that are great for family consumption. Look at the cups of yogurt that are especially created for young children. There are cups with granola on top, or other such tasty bits so that the kids can mix it with the yogurt, or eat it separately. Notice that yogurt also comes in small tubes, that can be sipped as you would a straw, easy to take with you, and quick to dispose of after it has been eaten.Frozen yogurt can be enjoyed as a cone or a sundae with fruits of your choice. It is a delicious dessert and can be bought in the frozen section of most grocery stores including some drugstores alongside ice cream. Know that when you eat yogurt, regardless of whether it is soft or frozen, you will be enjoying a delicious, healthy and nutritious breakfast, snack or treat.

* Generic (store brand) yogurt is often just as good as national brands. If you're on a budget, you can get more of the generic kind than Breyers or Dannon for the same amount of money.
* For those on the run, it makes a great breakfast, fast and very healthy.
* Yogurt is high in protein and comes in many different flavors.
* Top a baked potato with plain yogurt instead of sour cream.

Note that if you get frozen yogurt, e.g. at a shop, and get it topped with all kinds of candy and sweets, it's not much healthier than ice cream. In these situations think of it as a neat alternative to ice cream than a healthy one (since it's not, in this case) and enjoy it for that. Also, fancy yogurt with M&Ms to mix in or Breyers Creme Savers are not as healthy as regular yogurt.


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