Eat Unpleasant Tasting Foods

Thursday, April 2, 2009

We've all got a type of food that we dislike. Whether it brings back a bad memory, looks disgusting or is simply ill tasting, there is always some kind of food that we will do anything to avoid eating. However, there comes a time when your food nemesis is sitting on a plate in front of you. Whether you're a kid and your parents are force feeding you, or you're on a date with somebody who just cooked you a meal with it, don't panic. Prepare yourself and read this article...
1. Think of a food. Imagine another food that you like to eat. Try thinking of one that may have similar texture, size, or shape. Doing this may forget what you are eating, and could help you chew the food.

2. Chew the food. Chewing food changes its properties when it's in your mouth. Chewing your meal can make the food taste a little better, but most of the time people will still think the taste is bad. You will need to continue step 1 during this time.

3. Swallow. Some people may find this the hardest thing to do, others may think that step 2 is the hardest. This is where you have to try hard to get the food down your throat. Once you have done this, you may feel great about doing something most people would not do. Others might be in disgust of wondering why they even tried to eat it.

Mix the food. Get another food that you think would make the other one taste better. Doing this will help you complete the next steps.
Adding salt or pepper to a food almost always make a food taste better.
Smiling can help suppress your gag reflex.
You don't have to eat what you don't want to unless you really need the money.
Try adding chips or condiments to the unpleasant food.
Don't try to tell a host or hostess that you do not like the food. Instead, try moving the food around the plate and occasionally choking down a few bites. Then, cover your plate with a napkin and find a trash can. Make sure the foods you're eating are edible!

Smell the food prior to consumption. If it smells bad or has spoiled there is a good reason to follow your instincts.
Hold your nose. The smell of food often enhances its taste, whether good or bad. If you have a scent extract and a small cotton ball, dab a bit of scent (MAKE SURE IT'S A FOOD SCENT E.G. Vanilla, orange extract) on the cotton ball and smell it before you take a bite.
If you know you are allergic to something don't eat it. Gagging and vomiting may occur; use caution when eating unknown foods.


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