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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

First of all, if you are seeking help from this article, then congratulations! Everyone has problems, and the happiest people are the ones who look for good ways to solve them. No need to look around — this could be you! So smile, and read on for tips on how to reveal and rid of your "disorder", so that your body is in good working order!

1. Pick a person to ask for help:
* Your mother is definitely a good first choice. Mothers are known for being very compassionate and understanding, and yours will want to help you, especially once they understand that you are serious about what you did and know you need to do.
* Your father will also be a good choice. He will also be ready to help you solve your problems. Both of your parents should know, but if one of them would accept the information better, go to that one first. They can help you tell the other parent or family members.
* A sibling. It is a good idea, if you have older siblings, especially an older sister, go in that direction as opposed to younger siblings. However, just about any age will do if you just need someone to talk to. A sibling that is close to your age would also be a good choice, since they would have a similar state of mind (would be under similar circumstances), and can offer "eye-to-eye" advice on how to handle it.
* Best friends are usually reliable, and if you have a good, reliable best friend with whom you can "vent", you certainly could tell them. They are usually in the same boat as you, and are experiencing the peer pressures, expectations, fears, and other problems you are experiencing. Plus, they are usually around a lot and could help you step by step.
* Your school counselor, although seemingly an awkward interrogation waiting to happen, is an excellent person to talk to. They were hired just because they are good people to talk to and are trained in the "help teens with problems they have" field! They will definitely be understanding, and will keep things about you a secret.
2. Set up a time where you guys can hang out and relax, and-well, just talk! Stay calm and bring it up when they are also able to help you... and understand that it can be hard to stop an eating disorder on your own.

* Focus on finding an individual that is the most compassionate and understanding and that you feel most comfortable telling. Usually it is smart to tell someone in your family or a guardian first, since rumors are more likely to spread amongst your classmates, should you tell a gossipy friend.
* If you know a person who has also experienced this problem, it is a great idea to talk to them. They will be able to understand your feelings easily.
* Check out the external links.

* Don't avoid telling someone, no matter how difficult it is! Recognizing that you have an eating disorder is an important first step, and there is nothing wrong with seeking help from others.


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