Get Used to Eating New Foods

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Getting used to eating different types of foods from different cultures, places, or restaurants may be hard, especially if it's someone your dating that's offering you the foods, your favorite restaurant has closed, or you simply have to move to a new country where you have no other choice.

Try the new foods. You won't always like what you eat, if it's too spicy, gooy, or alive. But, if you don't try the food, how will you ever know if you like it? Figure out the foods you like and don't like from the particular source. Write them down if you think you'll forget. If you don't like ANY of the foods, find a diffrent place to eat because if you don't, you'll starve. And, if you have no other choice...*ehem*, Just eat it!

Try new foods. Don't stick to the same lunch menu every week! Eat at restaurants from different cultures. Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, and other countries. Most of the time, they'll get people from that particular country to work there, so the food is authentic. Keep an open mind for trying new things.

Don't eat anything that's raw unless it's supposed to be! Sushi IS one of those foods that you can eat raw fish. If your trying a new restaurant, order something that looks good, but isn't overly alive. If you like the restaurant, maybe next time you could try the (alive) squid wrapped in fish. Uhm, for now? Soup please!

Things You'll Need
* An open mind
* Money
* Taste buds
* Crackers in case something is too spicy!


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