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Thursday, April 16, 2009

A breakfast that will please children, adults,teens, and people of all ages! We call it sticky breakfast at my house because all the ingredients "magically" stick together! This recipe serves 4 people or 2 very hungry people.

* 7 Large potatoes
* 1 Large Regular flavored Jimmy Dean Sausage
* 7 Large Eggs
* Crushed red peppers (Optional- adds a spicy kick)
* pepper

1. Peel all 7 potatoes and dice them up into small cubes.
2. Fry the potatoes in a large frying pan with vegetable oil (just enough to cover the bottom of the pan)
3. While the potatoes are frying, empty the entire sausage into a separate pan. Cook until brown. This is when you add the crushed red peppers. (The peppers are optional, but if you do want them, they add an extra "kick" or spiciness to the sausage).
4. Once the potatoes are golden brown, dump out the oil. Keep the potatoes in that same pan, and dump the sausage in there. Mix up the potatoes and sausage thoroughly.
5. Whisk the 7 eggs until completely yellow and liquid.
6. Dump the eggs over the potato/sausage mix.
7. The eggs will cook naturally from the heat of the sausage and potatoes
8. Give the mix a good stir and enjoy!

* For crunchier potatoes, sprinkle bread crumbs or parmesan cheese over the potatoes as they are cooking.
* Stir in some fresh veggies with the potatoes. Diced onions and fresh peppers (red, green, yellow, or orange peppers) go very well with the potatoes. You can also use chopped asparagus or even fresh spinach. If you don't have fresh, use frozen. they'll thaw out while the potatoes cook.
* For a change of pace, sprinkle cheese on top of the eggs after you're done stirring them up; you can use shredded cheddar, regular sandwich cheese, or even feta (goat) cheese if you like it tangy.

* Make sure you add the eggs last.
* Make sure the eggs are cooked thoroughly.


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